Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I've just finished a FAQ compiled from the many and varied questions Cory and I have been receiving regarding our festival.

If you can think of any other questions, please post them in the comments section, or shoot us an email.

Thanks, and enjoy!


The Zombie Short Film Festival FAQ

What is the Zombie Short Film Festival?

It’s a film festival. For short films about zombies.

What is the date?

October 30, 2009.

And what venue and city will it be taking place?

The Zombie Short Film Festival will be making its grand debut at the Revue Cinema (400 Roncesvalles Ave.) in the beautiful city of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

What time will the event kick off?

9:30 PM.

Is there a party/gala after?

You bet your undead ass there’s a party after! We’re still working on a venue. Again, we’ll post the info once the ink’s dry on all the paperwork.

Can I enter a submission from outside of Canada?

Of course you can! Submissions from anywhere in the world are welcome.

Where can I send my submission?

Please send all submissions to:

The Zombie Short Film Festival
Suite 241
365 Roncesvalles Ave.,
Toronto, ON, Canada,
M6R 2M8

Sorry, but we can't return submissions. So whatever you do, don't go sending us the only copy you have! Also COD’s will not be accepted.

Is there an entry fee?

The entry fee is $20 Canadian.

How do I make a payment?

The best way is by using our Pay Pal account. Click the button below.

We also accept cheques and money orders. We're not incorporated yet, so please make everything payable to Jim Taylor.

What are the criteria for submissions?

Your film must be shorter than 25 minutes long. It also has to involve zombies in some way.

I have a terrific zombie film, but it’s longer than 25 minutes. Can I enter it anyway?

Sorry…but we need to be firm on the running time, in order to accommodate the viewing needs of our jury and the logistics of the official screening. You are welcome, however, to split the film into shorter segments and enter them as separate submissions, if you wish.

What format should my submission be?

Please submit a DVD in NTSC format, so that it will be playable on a North American DVD player.

When is the submission deadline?

Midnight. October 1, 2009.

What happens after I enter?

Our prestigious jury of zombie aficionados will view your film and choose 10 finalists. These 10 films will be featured at the public screening, on Oct. 30. The viewing public at the event will vote for their favorite finalist, and the winning film will be announced at the gala following the screening.

What do I win?

The winning filmmaker will be the recipient of the coveted Zomb-D’Or. There will also be other really cool prizes. TBA

What if I’m chosen as a finalist?

You will be notified and, should you choose to attend the event, you will receive a free ticket.

What if I’m not chosen as a finalist?

Your film might still be shown at the public screening as an “honorable mention”, or it might be chosen as a winner in a smaller sub-category (We’re not entirely sure what these categories are going to be just yet, but we think it’s a cool idea, so we’re going with it). If this happens, you will be notified.

If my film gets picked for the viewing, will you guys be flying me to Toronto, putting me up in a sweet hotel, and wining and dining me during my stay?

HA HA HA! No. We’re just starting out, man. Pay your own way.

Who’s in the jury?

We’re currently working on this. We’re focusing on people who have made a significant mark in zombie-related media and culture. And we’ve got some seriously cool people in mind. Trust us.

I maintain a zombie-related website/radio show/magazine/TV show/event/comic book/diary, and we’d like to get in touch with you regarding possible cross-promotion/sponsorship/friendship.

Aw, thanks! You can email us at zombieshortfilmfestival@gmail.com. We also have a website. It’s www.zombieshortfilmfestival.com.

I’d love to volunteer for this wonderful festival.

Great! Get in touch with us ASAP, and let us know where you think you can help. We can use all the help we can get!

I am the owner of a very successful business of some kind, and I would like to sponsor your festival with goods, services, or cold hard cash.


Please keep the submissions coming in! We're loving what we've got so far!


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