Friday, August 21, 2009


Apologies to all who had issues with our online form. Blogger doesn't allow us to post PDF's, so I just turned it into a google doc, and shared the link. If you're still having trouble, please shoot us an email, and we'll send you a reply with the form attacked.

Click here, if you dare!

Official Zombie Short Film Festival Entry Form

And don't forget the Pay Pal...

This isn't going to be an issue much longer, because we've got a snazzy new website on the way. But it works for the time being.

Keep those entries coming in! We're seeing some pretty awesome stuff!

Jim out.


  1. wow, too funny. I imagine you've already been contacted, but I recently got a message about a zombie short film cometition to promote a book that's due out soon called "Queen Victoria: Demon Hunter" and I thought it was hilarious. Are you involved with that at all, or do you know about it?

  2. We're not familiar with that particular festival, but that book sounds amazing!